One comment on “Mr. Vegas cries while speaking about his cheating girlfirend on Hot 97 in New York

  1. Yes man mi luv mixup srt8888, so mi research fi everything him say n him
    contradict himself, he says d young lady neva tell him d baby sick n
    jus come out hospital in comment to Anette ChinLoiii

    then pon d video with 97fm said she been telling him d baby sick n nah eat

    wooooi which 1 is it?
    d man neva cetch nobady a video him watch days afta n see d position…(in my cliffy voice) n him head tek him, only fi see tweet say him s?x infront d same pickney.. a wa d claat! him fren dem com pon fb n say ‘cliff u know wa u saying not tru stop this’ (in my notso smart voice)

    him mek threaten fi release tape n kmt mi deh yah wait like idiat all a style off d oman wicked n a call har bere tings (mi shame a mi self, tru tru)

    Ongle fi hear bag aoman n man a threanen him fi release fi dem tapes
    n pics, plus baby madda say she hav email proof say a lie n she hav pic
    fi release wid “teni tiny ting”, SUDDENLY d man get calm civilized n

    a wah deh bbc dis!

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